As you may know, if you follow me, I’m all about unique fundraising ideas that help you grow and develop your organizational sustainability. I’m also a fan of organizations that are continually seeking different ways to raise money because those are the ones that understand that different donors need different approaches for supporting the cause. Additionally, donors and supporters don’t want to receive an unending series of redundant appeals asking them for money.

Recently, I came across a platform that allows you and your donors to round up their change for philanthropy and it caught my eye.

The company is called Donate Your Change. They have an audacious goal to help organizations raise $1 billion over the next three years for social good. Who knows? Perhaps you can be one of the groups that are part of their story.

What Is Donate Your Change?

The company has developed a web-based fundraising application that makes it easy for your supporters and donors to give to your nonprofit, school, church or group from the change every time they go shopping.

The idea is straightforward. When a donor purchases with a debit or debit card that’s linked to the Donate Your Change app, the purchase is rounded up to the nearest dollar. The difference between what the person spent and the nearest dollar goes to his or her designated charity.

That’s it. Sweet and simple.

Micro-Giving for Charity

The app is a micro-giving platform, and it’s a great opportunity for schools, nonprofits, churches and others. We know we live in a world where people want ease and convenience. Micro-giving is a chance for you to receive fundraising dollars from your supporters in a simple way to where your donors don’t have to give much thought to once they’ve linked their debit and credit cards to Donate Your Change.

How Does Donate Your Change Work?

If you’re a nonprofit, who’s partnered with Donate Your Change, you reach out to your donors and supporters and let them know that your organization participates in the Donate Your Change Program. We all know that multichannel marketing and promotion is crucial to success, so it’s important to send emails and information to your prospects informing them how easy the program is for them.

  • Supporters download the app, which is free for them to use and takes about 5 minutes to set up.
  • They link their cards, which is all encrypted for financial security, and then go shopping.
  • The roundup change goes to your organization as an approved receiving group.
  • Your nonprofit pays a licensing fee for the software, which is deducted from the proceeds of the monies that are donated.

A Simple Solution

Everyone is busy, and so the Donate Your Change app gives you and your supporters an opportunity to raise funds for your cause without giving too much thought. It’s one of those great “set it and forget it” tech tools that are redefining how we live, work and support charitable causes.


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