NotYourFathersCharity_MarketingI’ve been writing a lot about the massive changes happening in philanthropy. Competition is no longer a dirty word for nonprofits. Frankly, it should never have been. If you’re paying attention, nonprofits are going to be experiencing even more massive changes. Here are some of the reasons why, but they by no means encompass everything that’s happening:

  • Technology
  • Social media
  • Shifts in generational priorities
  • Distrust of nonprofits
  • Demands for transparency and effectiveness
  • Globalization and new voices in the conversation

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To get noticed, you’ve got to get your marketing up to speed. It’s that kind of world. I’ve said it often, and I’ll keep on repeating it: you want to dominate. Being good isn’t good enough anymore. If you’re not looking to be the absolute best and promote it out there, don’t bother going to work tomorrow. Someone else will figure it out and do better than you.

You can kick-start your marketing. It doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are three simple steps you can take with your team to help spread the word out about your organization:

  1. Get a plan – Map it out. Write it down. The best way for no one to be accountable is to have no plan. It’s also the fastest way to go nowhere. Get a plan written down and make someone responsible for executing it. The majority of nonprofits have no strategy and if they do, it’s not written down. A number of them don’t even know if they have a marketing plan. Yes, believe it or not. That’s not acceptable.
  1. Schedule it – Set up a schedule for promoting and engaging with supporters and followers and stick to it. In today’s world, it’s not difficult to have a lot of the work handled by technology. My team has used at varying times Buffer, Klout, SocialOomph and Hootsuite for social media. There’s no need for social media engagement to take up your entire day. Schedule it across all of your platforms and accounts. Get your email marketing set on a schedule too and make it happen.
  1. Be Clear – There’s SO much information out there these days. Any individual is seeing thousands upon thousands of images, ads or promotion in a day. You have to be clear about your brand. If people don’t know what you’re about in one or two seconds, you’ve lost them. Think about that in every email, post, tweet or image you put out there. Be clear. Be consistent. And, don’t give up. In order for your message to cut through the noise, you need repetition and time. If you remain patient, you’ll get traction.


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