Recently we celebrated International Women’s Day, and I’d like to continue to send out my good wishes to all of the women and girls of the world.

As you know, we live during a time when there have been daily discussions about the role of women, their rights and also relations to men and all aspects of society. It’s a lively global conversation, and candidly, one that’s long overdue.

Leading the Charge

DonorPerfect is one of our partners, and they decided, rightly, to be proactive on the issue of women in the nonprofit sector. There’s a particular reality that exists in the industry that I think is apparent to women, and often ignored by many men.

There is a leadership gap in the nonprofit sector between men and women.

While according to DonorPerfect, 73 percent of workers in the philanthropic sector are women, they are under-represented in leadership roles, including as CEO, senior management, and board membership. There’s an even more significant gap in leadership with women of color.

Leadership Workbook

Therefore, it’s fitting for DonorPerfect to publish “The Nonprofit Leadership Workbook for Women.” This workbook, which was authored by female leaders, looks to address head-on what many know exists in the nonprofit sector. But, like every area of society, the light is now being shown in this industry, and it has to come to terms with how to narrow the gap in representing women in leadership position.

When you download the book, you will gain insight into the challenge of women in the charitable industry. You will get a handle on the statistics. The workbook, which is geared to be a resource for women in the industry, also features lessons learned and hands-on exercises from successful nonprofit leaders and including the following:

  • 3 goals for aspiring leaders.
  • How to build your brand.
  • How to adopt a mentor.
  • What a successful mentorship look like.
  • How to establish your network.
  • Insight on collaboration.
  • Making the ask (hint: it’s not about making a donor ask).

If you’re a woman in the field, I encourage you to download the book today. And, even if you’re not a woman, I still think you should download the book so you can continue to be an informed and enlightened male and supporter of female leadership.


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