social networkingSocial media is not something you can simply hand off to the young gun looking to blow past everyone. Social networking is not something that can rise to its full potential unless it’s integrated fully into a nonprofit, business or social enterprise.

Not too long ago, we hired an amazing young man named, Joe Coad. Joe came to us from Atlanta where he had his own radio show with the highest market share. I knew when I met him that I wanted Joe on my team. He’s young, ambitious, knows social media and digital marketing. He’s a great asset to my suite of businesses.

But when I hired Joe, I wasn’t looking to simply delegate social media and forget about it. That would be a mistake. And unfortunately, that’s an error that I see a lot of executives make.

One of the best things that Joe did was bring his social media gifts to our live streams, among other things. If you want to check out what we’re doing on Facebook, for example, with live streaming, follow Joe by clicking here.

As excited as I am about our own social media management and engagement, I’m here to tell you that a lot of organizations get it wrong. While Joe is great, I am still the CEO. I’m responsible for the vision and strategy. Joe executes it. But, he doesn’t do anything without me hearing about it first.

The reason is simple. My team has worked very hard on developing our brands. Each brand is distinct and targeted to a particular market. It would have been easy for me to tell Joe to just get onto social media and “do his thing,” but that’s not the way to approach social media.

On any given day, you’ll see Joe–or me–on social media. I’ve personally trained him. What’s more important is that I’m listening to Joe on social media as often as I can. I want to hear what my customers and partners hear when they listen to Joe. In today’s world, this is absolutely amazing.

You see, in real time, I get to listen to how my prospects and customers are engaging with Joe. I hear what they’re concerned about. I listen to their pain points. I understand the challenges they’re having. And, we can provide answers.

At another time, I would have had to pay for this instant focus group. But thanks to social media, I don’t have to do anything more than make sure I’m listening. And, if I hear something that I want to personally comment on in real time–I do it.

Look around you. We live in a world of transparency. Yes, Joe has a great studio that we created for him. It probably costs more than a lot of nonprofits and social enterprises can afford. But, this is irrelevant.

In today’s world, people are looking for authenticity. Gone are the days your champions and supporters want to see the boring and slick video you spent $5,000 on developing. Save your money. What your followers want to see is how your organization is coming across in an unfiltered way.

Joe is helping my entire team get comfortable on social media. Even when some silly memes are trending, he’s sharing it. My staff is sharing it and you know what’s happening? We’re engaging and developing deeper relationships with our supporters. They get to see our serious business side, our fun side and everything in between. That projects authenticity. It’s real. It’s what people want in today’s world. It makes our brands and businesses approachable.

Want to know more about how we do it? All you have to do is reach out to me or Joe. Check us out at: Wayne Elsey Facebook, Wayne Elsey Twitter, Joe Coad Facebook.


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