free marketing toolsNonprofits or start-up social enterprises need all the resources they can use to get ahead and stay competitive. Although “free” is not always a good thing, in the digital world, it certainly can be. Did you realize there are a lot of awesome tools you can use to help you automate and manage the digital world that will cost you nothing?

  1. Google Alerts: At this point, there’s still not a tool out there that beats Google Alerts. If you’re not in the habit of doing it, I suggest you do. Set an alert for your brand so you can keep on top of any news and reporting that happens that features your organization. For nonprofits, you should also set alerts for high profile individuals (i.e. major donors), corporations or foundations that support you. Set alerts for your competitors and key words related to your cause as well.
  1. Google Analytics: Another tool you should be using from Google is their Analytics. You can use it for free to analyze traffic to your website. You can see how traffic is hitting your site from different places, which is essential to helping you understand your target markets.
  1. Answer the Public: This is an awesome site for content marketing. Simply type in keywords and you’ll get the results to the highest ranked questions on Google and Bing being asked. Then, develop your content in response to those key questions.
  1. CRM Charlie: If you’re meeting new people, you want to know about them, especially donors. CRM Charlie is a cool tool for learning about someone new. With CRM Charlie, you’ll get background information on a one-pager. Gone are the days of having to search through articles on Google. Just type in the name into this handy app and you get it all done for you.
  1. Siteliner: This is a cool website tool. Simply input your web address and you’ll get an analysis done of your site. You’ll see duplicate content, broken links, the pages that are most visited, and more insights on each page.
  1. Wistia: We know video content is an integral part of marketing in the digital world. You’re probably posting videos to YouTube. However, to get really smart about your videos, use Wistia. This tool helps you determine what videos you want played and on which platforms. You can also tie your Wistia account to your emails and generate leads.
  1. Meme Generator: Want a quick way to get some traction? Create a meme. Meme Generator allows you to create your own memes. I always say you have to use some humor and it can be done well and creatively. If you’re thinking of having some fun with your digital marketing, create some fun memes.
  1. Portent’s Content Idea Generator: Looking for some irreverent titles for your content, use this easy tool. Just type in your keyword topic and discover some fun content ideas that will help you grab people’s attention.
  1. Pablo by Buffer: You can’t get easier than Pablo for creating visual content to share. They have a great library of images for you to customize for your posts and tweets. You can then share them using Buffer (or not), which is a cool social media management app that has a free option.
  1. When I want to learn about breaking news or top trends, these days I go to Twitter. helps you get the the top news from “the most interesting people on Twitter” (we don’t know who they are). These are the people that, “…always tweet the best links – first.”


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