People ask me sometimes how someone can get involved in doing good for someone else.

It’s not difficult.

There’s something anyone of us can do any day of the week. I live in Orlando, and I’m privileged to know some of the members of the Ventura Sunshine Ladies Club. They’re a great group of women, and when I meet up with some of them, we always share a good laugh.

The “Me” Dolls

Today when I turned on the morning news, I saw the Ventura Sunshine Ladies Club and their dolls. Since 2011, this group of women has been lovingly making “Me” dolls. These dolls are faceless and are meant to serve as a comfort for children at the Disney Pavilion of Florida Hospital. They’re also used by doctors to help explain surgeries or procedures that young patients will be undergoing at the hospital. The “Me” dolls each have a hat that’s stitched for the head and a hospital gown.

So far they’ve delivered 925 dolls to the hospital, and the group of women is prepared to do more. While the ladies club is happy to provide these dolls, it’s also something that brings mixed emotions. In this article provided by our local News 6 station, “We’re about to reach a landmark. And when I think, this has been a lot of fun and we enjoy doing it, but there’s been a thousand children that these have gone to and that a little hard to think.”

The Impact of the “Me” Dolls

In the same article, Nussi Afroz, Special Events and Donations Coordinator at Florida Hospital said, “The children are able to personalize the dolls and draw their own face on them with markers. The way they draw can be a window into the child’s state of mind.”

What these women do is so important. It’s important for the children, but it’s also beneficial to the volunteer group. In the Facebook page of News 6, you can see what these wonderful women have to say for themselves about the good work they do by clicking here.

How You Can Do Social Good

Helping someone in need is not difficult. It just takes being aware that you can make a difference in the world. Sometimes I think people believe it has to be this grand gesture. It doesn’t have to be. The women of the Ventura Sunshine Ladies Club are one example of how anyone can help improve someone else’s life. They have joined forces to cut patterns, sew, stuff and dress these “Me” dolls for children in our local hospital.

You can do it too.

  • Think about what is important to you. Do you care about children? The environment? Animals? Poverty? Whatever it is, there’s no shortage of causes. Think about where your heart lies.
  • If you can afford to give money, make a regular donation to your favorite charity; they can always use the money. As the CEO of a shoe drive fundraising company, I can also tell you that you can financially support a cause without ever having to give a single dollar.
  • If giving money or doing some other unique fundraiser doesn’t work for you, do a little research and see what you can do. Get your creative juices flowing and make a call to a nonprofit, school or church. Ask about their top three needs. Brainstorm with someone from the organization so you can come up with ideas that will help them and make an impact.

Like the ladies club here in Orlando, you can find yourself doing something simply by giving a little thought and time.


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