43339664_mWe’re already into the last quarter. This is typically the most important time in nonprofit fundraising. I hope you’re already implementing your #GivingTuesday plans. Recently I wrote about 5 brilliant strategies you can use to amp up your efforts, which you can find here.

As promised, I wanted to give you more ideas to ensure the success of Giving Tuesday for your nonprofit or social enterprise. This time around, I wanted to give you some ideas for use on social media.

#GivingTuesday #UNselfie

One of the approaches in helping get the word out last year, and again this year, is making sure your followers are taking their #UNselfie. An “unselfie” is a way for your donors to tell the world why or how they support your organization. Encourage your supporters to take a “selfie” of themselves holding up a card explaining briefly why or how they are giving. Messages can be as follows:

  • “Looking to end poverty. #UNselfie #GivingTuesday” and the name of your organization.
  • “Support education. #UNselfie #GivingTuesday” and your Twitter or social media username.
  • “I gave to (Insert). Join a great cause #Unselfie #GivingTuesday”.

Come up with some messages relevant to your organization and ask you supporters to post to Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter with their selfie.

Instagram and Snapchat

Giving Tuesday lends itself to pictures. You should have plenty of pictures and perhaps even video of what you and your supporters are doing leading up to December 1st. This is the time you should be taking pictures of how your organization is serving its mission. Instagram is all about pictures. Use it regularly each week to promote your cause.

To get a toehold with the younger generations consider posting to Snapchat. 71 percent of users to Snapchat are under 34 years of age. Snapchat is a video messaging application. You can send videos and pictures with text. 18 percent of all social media users in the U.S. use Snapchat. And, contrary to what you make think, yes, Snapchats are viewable for only 10 seconds, but messages can be saved!

Make sure to post your pictures with the following hashtags: #GivingTuesday, #UNselfie, #philanthropy #socialgood #nonprofits #fundraising #Instagood #Instadaily #NGO #fundraiser #volunteer.

Email Marketing

Email marketing remains one of the most successful ways to raise money for nonprofits. Use email marketing to promote Giving Tuesday. It only takes a little creativity. For donors who have made an online gift recently, ask them to join your Giving Tuesday efforts.

Prepare a three part series campaign. In the first email, thank them for having donated to your organization. Tell them how it’s helping the cause. Make it simple and compelling. Close by reminding them about your efforts for #GivingTuesday and how everyone they know can be involved.

For the second part of the series, send your donors an email with sample messaging and ideas they can use to help amplify the message for #GivingTuesday. And, as a call to action, ask them to send your message to friends who might be interested in joining your efforts.

For the final part of the email series, send them thanks for their continued support. Perhaps send them a great sample of a donor who took an #UNselfie. Remind your donors that GivingTuesday is on December 1st and now is the time for them to help amplify the message.

Finally, use this time to get even more active on social media. It’s here to stay, so get the word out about your organization. This is an opportunity to raise more money and get new donors!


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