We live in a digital and visual world. If you’re a donor, volunteer, activist or supporter for social good, you may be interested in something that I recently came across.

Johnson & Johnson has created an app called “Donate a Photo.” You can click here to see what it’s about. Johnson & Johnson is taking advantage of the fact that millions of people take pictures and selfies every day. It has decided to leverage this into some great corporate social responsibility.

The premise is very simple. Johnson & Johnson has partnered with nonprofits and NGOs. Partners include organizations such as Operation Smile, UNICEF and Save the Children. When you upload your picture or selfie to their photo app, Johnson & Johnson donates $1 to one of the charities you designate. Furthermore, each organization receives a minimum donation and appears in the app until the donation period ends or the goal is reached.

This is an awesome example of a major corporation using technology and social media to do social good. It’s also a great branding opportunity for Johnson & Johnson. The majority of consumers want to do business with companies that are socially responsible. This type of activity helps the company with an innovative competitive advantage.

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In addition, the social sector partners win, as does the general public that cares about social good issues.

  • Each photo uploaded into the app raises awareness for a cause. In addition, the app is able to track the photos so users can see all the pictures they’ve uploaded through time.
  • It might not seem like a lot for a company the size of Johnson & Johnson to donate $1 for each picture you upload to the app. But, make no mistake, it adds up. Each user is permitted to upload one picture per day. In one year, that could be as much as $365 per person. The average gift is in the low double-digits for many organizations. So, this is a terrific way to support a cause without having to give your own money. You’re also raising awareness for a cause with your pictures, which you’re probably putting up on social media anyway.
  • Needless to say, when photos are shared across social media through the app, others see it. If your friends and followers see your pictures for social good, you’re building awareness. You’re also increasing the chances that someone else will want to join the effort.


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As I write this, nearly 800,000 pictures have been shared and almost $800,000 has been raised for charity. Since this is a global app and you can donate from anywhere, Johnson & Johnson’s Donate a Photo helps you see how much has been donated in your country. In addition, you’re able to see the photos collated by major charitable industries such as health and education. I’m sure that Johnson & Johnson’s corporate social responsibility and business planning align to these sectors.

The landscape of the social sector continues to change at a rapid pace. And, because of technology, companies are able to fulfill their CSR goals in creative and innovative ways. Donors and charity supporters can also support organizations that extend beyond donating money.



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