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Negativity. We all get it in our lives. It happens at work, in our personal lives, and on social media. Those of us who are trying to do some good experience negativity – or trolls in the last case.

I’ve had to deal with fools who have nothing better to do with their lives than hurl negative comments and energy my way on social media. Really? Do you have nothing better to do with your life than spend it hidden somewhere in your trolling basement? My answer to them is, “Get. A. Life.”

That’s about as much time as I will spend on trolls. The main point of this article is how to deal with negativity and reflect when it is creeping into your daily life. It can be tough, grating and can wear down even the most optimistic and positive people if it is relentless.

The most important thing to remember is that someone else’s negativity does not have to residually infect your life. You have control about how you choose to let them affect you – or not. Remember that.

A classic scenario with someone who’s negative can happen at work. Perhaps you have someone who’s like that in your environment now, or you’ve dealt with it in the past. There’s that one person who just can’t get out of the negative environment and everything they do and say is about how terrible everything is, or how nothing will turn out right. They’re so negative that every great day at work or every success becomes somehow contorted into a tragic tale. To them there is nothing positive in life, and sometimes negative people seem to take pleasure in blanketing themselves and everyone around them in their negativism.

You do not have to be held captive to someone’s life pattern. That’s for them to figure out with their therapist or by looking long and hard in the mirror.

There are two critical steps you can take to help insulate yourself from negativity. I already mentioned that one way is for you to choose not to allow someone else’s behavior and talk to affect you.

You have power over how you choose to view any given situation. You have complete and total control over your thoughts.

So, if you’re feeling negative hours after your last interaction with Mr. Negative, you have a problem. You have to cut it right then and there.

Here’s the question you need to ask yourself: why are you allowing Mr. Negativity to ruin your day, your week or your life? What is the pay off to you?

You see, when you allow someone else’s attitude to affect yours – there is a price to pay. Perhaps you don’t feel as sure as you think you do in your own position at work and that negative feeling is a symptom of that reality within you. Maybe it’s something else all together. Perhaps you’re not settled at home and Mr. Negativity triggers that underlying issue, so when you get home you feel the adversity.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

For negativity to truly not affect you, it needs to roll off you like water off a duck. If you find yourself falling into the negativity trap, then there might be something more to it – within you.


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