41808312_mOn #GivingTuesday, I listed five organizations you can support. If you want to see that list, click here.

We’re still in the holiday season! There are countless organizations out there that can use some of your assistance. There’s still time to give someone a gift to a social enterprise or nonprofit in their name. I’m sure you know someone who has a lot of stuff and would actually welcome not receiving yet another item they don’t need.

Giving a donation in honor or in memory of someone near and dear is a creative and great way to make a difference, give a gift and show you care. So, here are some other ideas for you for organizations to support this holiday season:

  1. Wings For Warriors – This time of year, we want to remember our brave men and women. This organization helps support wounded military service members who return home from the Middle East. I think we can all agree that our vets deserve not only our respect, but also our support. Each one of them makes an incredible sacrifice in service to our country. Wings For Warriors helps these courageous men and women with guidance and counseling, travel assistance and raising public awareness around their cause.
  1. SightLife – Over 10 million in the world have cornea blindness that can be treated. The world has incredible beauty and giving someone the gift of sight is probably one of the most amazing things you can ever do. Why not take the darkness away for someone in supporting this group that provides cornea transplants around the world?
  1. World Wide Hearing – Along those same lines, millions of people around the world suffer hearing loss. Just as in sight, this too helps dim someone’s world. An incredible fact from their website is that in the U.S. alone, the financial costs for those affected by hearing loss totals between $122 billion and $186 billion annually. In recent years there have been incredible advances in hearing technology. World Wide Hearing provides people around the globe with hearing assessments and devices.
  1. Doctors Without Borders – I know I mentioned them in my list last year, but I think they deserve another shout out this year. This is an incredible organization. Last year, when we were dealing with the Ebola crisis, courageous doctors, nurses and medical professionals put their very lives at risk to care for those in need. It’s an example of selflessness that goes above and beyond the call of duty. This year, this group has been leading the charge to help support the massive refugee crisis in Europe on a scale not seen since World War II.
  1. Greenpeace – We know we have to care for our world. It’s the only one we’ve got. For decades, Greenpeace has been a leader by using peaceful protest and communication to build awareness and highlight global environmental challenges. They also promote solutions. They have over 300 million supporters around the world. They operate in 55 countries. And they do not accept any corporate money.


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