GripRipLogoWe weren’t placed on this earth to be miserable. Look around you. There’s so much misery and sadness. There’s a lot of resignation that life is supposed to be long, difficult and not full of much joy.

I may watch the news for a few minutes in the morning to see what’s happening, but within a few minutes, I turn it off. I can only have so much of antagonism and tragedy. I make it a choice to keep the negativity to a minimum.

I’ve never had an easy life. I wasn’t born with a golden spoon. Everything I’ve had and everything I’ve lost, has all been on me. But, through it all, I’ve learned some things for a better life. I call it living a “grip and rip” life. I’m a big believer that life is to be lived and we shouldn’t merely exist. We only get to do this once, so we need to live it, and that leads to success.

Think of it like taking hold a steering wheel in an incredibly fast car. First you grip it and prepare yourself for the ride, and then you rip it.

Today, I’d like to share the principles I’ve learned with you.

7 Grip and Rip Principles:

  1. Change Your Attitude – Attitude is everything. If you don’t have and maintain the right attitude, you’re just not going to succeed. It’s as simple as that. Every morning, you make a choice. You can choose to look at whatever circumstances or challenges you’re dealing with through the lens of negativity or positivity. I had a buddy some years ago who was told he had less than a year to live. His chance for survival was only 10 percent. He focused on the 10 percent. He lived the remaining days of his life, focused on life.
  1. Take Ownership – No one owns your life but you. Once you’ve decided that no matter what happens you’re going to keep trying to maintain a positive outlook, you need to then own your life. What do I mean by that? I mean you need to stop thinking that your boss owns your life. Your spouse doesn’t own your life either. He or she cannot “make you” happy, or not. Your kids don’t own your life. You own your life. Everything you have in your life is because you’ve made it so.
  1. Erase “I Can’t” and the Excuses – When my daughter was little, I taught her to scratch “can’t” out of her vocabulary. So much opportunity and potential is lost to that word. Taking steps toward living a grip and rip life means operating in a world of your possibilities. It also means that the reasons why you “can’t” get in shape, make money or find a job are invalid. Listen, life is not easy. No one said it was easy or fair. But, yes, there is time for a better you. Yes, there is a way for you to live a healthier existence and make money. Ingenuity and creativity are golden in getting rid of “can’t and excuses.
  1. Get Off the Couch – The worst thing anyone can do to him or herself is exist on the couch. That’s not living. That’s breathing. Life is to be lived flying on all cylinders. That can’t be done on a couch. Lethargy is a poison that slowly eats away at your health, soul and spirit. If you want to really live it, engage with the world around you. Join some groups. Go out. Start something new, be it a hobby or business. Take time in nature, which is the earth’s way of giving you an anti-depressant.
  1. Commit – When you have decided to own your life, it also means that you are committing to it. Every decision you make, whatever the outcome, is yours. Make a decision and follow it through. Don’t step away when the challenge becomes too tough. Anything worth having is going to challenge you. It’s the only way we learn to grow. That means you have to stay the course. You need to see beyond the impediments that will come up between you and your goal.
  1. Do the Work – There’s no way around it. Your goals are not going to be achieved taking short cuts. If you want success, whatever that means to you, it’s going to take consistent work. You have to make the choice to work at it. I know many of us envision making money quickly or having the great house and car. Perhaps we want to be healthier or more peaceful. You can’t get the distance from one place to the next without working it. Take it in small bites and steps. Consider these milestones. Celebrate those milestones when you achieve them and keep going.
  1. Accept the Consequences – Whatever happens in your life, accept the consequences. You are in control of the decisions you make and how you perceive what happens to you. Accept the consequences. Own up to any mistakes you make. Failure is important. It’s okay to fail. In fact you need to fail to succeed. Failure teaches you. You learn and you tweak things. You improve on things with failure. Whatever your goal, accept the consequences. If you’re really in the game of a grip and rip life, it’s going to be messy. That’s okay. Accept the consequences and move on.


Author of “Not Your Father’s Charity: The Rise and Fail of Charities And What You Can Do To Be Ready”.


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